Parts of another from the hands of today, performance, 2018
Handle to door, half-bittersweet, performance and installation, 2018
BODY SHIFT ERGO DRIFT, performance, 2018
Suite for the Office, performance and video, 2017
To Cast a Shadow, performance and video, 2017
The Immaterial Institute For Receipt Research and Experimentation, performance and video, 2016
Art History Aerobics, performance, 2016
Suite for the Counter, performance and video, 2016
The rope breaks where it is weakest, performance, 2013
Platforma bus stop, installation, 2013
Spontaneous prediction of another concrete, performance and installation, 2015
AA+: Aerobics for Artists, performance and video, 2013
Version TMT-88V, installation, 2016
The Lunch Series, one to one collaborations, 2014

Raluca Croitoru